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Hello World!!

By guest, Aug 20 2015 06:52PM

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May 16 2016 03:17PM by Todd Willis

Today my wife took the car and my child was I'll this morning ,,but about 10 am she felt much better . I called Jason and he was here 5 minuets later to take her to school ....now that's prompt...way to go keep it up ...ty

Dec 1 2016 01:49PM by Patsy Woodman

I've been trying to get ahold of you since 6 am this morning.
False advertising when you say your supposed to be opened at 6am everyday and your Not.
Not GOOD for business being the only cab company in Marysville

Jul 24 2018 08:27PM by Sandy Waggoner

You say u run 24/7 so why do you have certain hrs like 6 to 10 ? Confused ..???

Oct 16 2018 07:17AM by Alan Sorensen

Called the Taxi Service Company at 11am on Saturday morning to confirm hours of service for 600am-300am. Verified Wife called for Taxi at 1030pm to get to Hotel safely from but and no service available. What a joke!!!

Sep 18 2019 11:36PM by Kelly

Is new cab service located here in St. Joseph

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